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Launching the Crunch Hour

Today I'm launching 'The Crunch Hour', a comms model offering agencies or businesses mentoring, a live strategic or creative sounding board, a problem solving partner, or NED equivalent advice on a fixed hour a week consultancy structure.

This is about offering value for the entrepreneurial, the stretched or the curious to tap easily into live, experienced PR and comms thinking across a fast paced hour a week Zoom model.

And one where you get to set the agenda and the focus for the hour’s consultancy, thinking, problem solving, ‘what if' creative discussion’, or business building.

All for a clear fixed monthly investment.

The goal is to prove helpful for nimble businesses working around new rules, new comms challenges, new staffing models, and new opportunities - including areas highlighted in some of my other thinking here around Post Covid challenges, comms overhauls, crisis planning and 2021 priorities.

Not every business has the benefit of full time Communication leaders, or the need for retained agencies. But that doesn't mean the storytelling canvas isn't there, that messaging challenges aren't important, or that creative marketing initiatives don't need need a boost or some experienced direction or coaching.

Message me, connect with me on linked in or email me at if you’d like to set up an initial no charge conversation to explore potential.

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