Your challenges are different. Staff structures reinvented. But audience expectations remain high.

And you are dealing with the blurring of everything:

marketing and purpose; internal and external comms; myths and realities for reputation; old rules and new worlds; channels ever more into each other.


So smart storytelling matters to be truly heard.

As does having an experienced head to ask the difficult questions, champion the bold steps and drive your audience to take action.

I can help you find or enhance the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. 

Build emotional communications for real relevance. 

Forge strategies with a context that live in the real world.

Shape ideas that join up and engage across all 'earned' channels.

Guide you through and manage communication issues.

This is the era of the Hollywood model. More bespoke teams for any task. Oceans 11 or Italian Job team ups. But with less gambling and less cliffhangers..


It’s mentoring , collaboration and fresh thinking for what you know you need and for what you haven’t yet spotted.