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Working together?

New year, same me.... 

A mantra based on the fact i'm enjoying what i do, think i add good value to those i work with, and hate resolutions with an average shelf life of 6.25 days

But for those of you who don't know what i do, because i'm not often so blatant as to talk about it, this is the 'me' i'm very happy continuing with as is.

It starts with a core 'critical friend' attitude in the PR and comms space, helping both agencies and brands find smart solutions to head scratching conundrums.

As board advisor. Positioning and narrative builder and fixer for the business, or it's clients. Troubleshooter. Journey planner through the internal and external comms mists. Listener. Post listening strategist. And comms therapist...

I find the time you don't have. Fresh perspectives you are too close to see. And the positive challenge you know you need, if and when you come up for air.

Born from experience across award winning blitzes and being on 'oh f*ck' cliff edges.

Plus a hatful of previous agency MD roles, global to start up brand campaigns, and a comms life spent across multiple decades to bring depth of perspective. 

Right now, reading the room better, bringing the right dose of humanity to storytelling, knowing when to dial down the corporate and automaton speak, and having an opinion for stand out really matter. If you are struggling here for self or for clients, we should talk.

If you bring good humour, straight talking, an appreciation of movie references and an understanding that food and drink are what every day pleasure is about, we will get on well :) 

I also love meetings without fixed agendas, which can be a wonderful thing. Room to talk around the edges as well as a core, chew the fat, and get into unexpected what if's and shared curiosity. 

More doing that over coffees this year is the exception to the 'same me' rule... so if that's you too, what's stopping us?

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