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comms strategy

The 'red thread':

ownable thinking, story flow and story pillars, message craft, shaping stand out opinions for the real world agenda, aligning all channels, reading the room on what, where, how and when to say things that matter.

Acting as Fractional / Virtual Comms lead

White Room

messaging and

Deep dive listening, market analysis on opportunities for stand out, building a consistent message house and shareable brand story, finding and aligning the right storytellers, fixing mission, vision, values and cascading all into team culture



Agency partnering for pitches, campaign strategy, workshop development, strategic client support and positioning tasks.


 Brand partnering for strategic refresh and review, team training, internal comms briefs, building a robust crisis handling model, and managing creative pitches.


Bringing c-suite rigour  on reputation, comms challenges, brand building, working culture, mentoring , marketing strategy and growth, with a 360 degree head for analysis. An always on sounding board

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