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'Hollywood' collaboration model as the agency future?

Reality Bites. Mean Streets. Dazed & Confused. All great films and metaphors for the 'Hollywood model' of smart agency thinking in PR and comms, with the casting of talent based much more on fit for any client task rather than on an agency's available resource.

A view i've long had, and the benefits to me of being flexible and indy, but just heard Claudine Moore raising the same support for the model on Clubhouse, hence the share now.

In lean and mean times having a trusted virtual team from which to choose for a project based on skills beyond the everyday agency team makes the most sense for the client and quite possibly for agency economics too. Bigger network. Broader thinking. Pre aligned brains. Better smashing of strategies and ideas into shape. This is the era of collaboration. Of remodelling. Of the nimble. And of smart agencies being able to punch above their weight and be even more competitive.

Every movie has a different set of credits fit for genre, performance, and box office goals. So in tough times meet smart times, we should learn and reapply more to the agency creative space from other models that think laterally.

And just for transparency and peace of mind, i bring my own hair and make up....

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