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For Agencies of all Varieties

Lean and streamlined may be where things are at. But there is value in creative or strategic stretch, project leadership, battle hardened counsel or some positive disruption to the norm to add fresh value.


This is the era of the Hollywood model. More bespoke teams for any task. Oceans 11 or Italian Job team ups. But with less gambling and less cliffhangers..


Collaboration routes range from project to regular partnerships, and for your clients or for your own agency direction and review. And for both PR and for broader marketing agencies missing editorial

and through the line links.


I also run both creativity and crisis and issues training sessions, and have created an ‘Exposure Point’ workshop to help clients understand risks both known and not yet known for their business to help shape protocols and action plans for crisis and issues threats. Which can be run as a joint initiative with your client teams.


A 'what if?' conversation is the best start point to work around our non linear world.

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For Brands and Businesses

Perception is reality in communications.  And broader business actions, inactions and reputation are of real interest to your customers. People care, lines blur.


So external perspectives are always important, especially from the grizzled senior consultancy standpoint on what to say/do and not say/do.


Whether around messaging, issues handling, in house creative campaign development, media training, or the critical thinking of where internal and external comms meet, I can help your teams navigate the challenges.


I also offer “The Crunch Hour”, an hour a week consultancy model for SME’s, and entrepreneurs who would value a regular fixed cost power hour comms 'therapy' model. The remit is yours to shape, from live challenges and opportunities, to longer term strategic, business or creative spring boarding.


It’s not about old world retainers, but about new world partnerships  where we can weave between creativity, NED thinking, virtual comms director input or simply answering the WTF questions on your mind.

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